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Embedded Product Design

At nxtGIO, we deep dive into the embedded product design cycle. beginning from the ideation of the venture, we offer an intricate technique of operating until the support of the stated project. We help you in knowing the feasibility of your project, which in turn helps you recognize the project’s technicalities and its success. We provide you with the statement of work(SOW) which offers you the project’s exact functions.

nxtGIO technology, being recognized the various leaders and embedded systems development in India, we provide product design services with experienced team and custom designed insights to assist clients to fulfill their business desires and needs. nxtGIO is a single platform for the development of all embedded systems with high-quality in elegance engineers.

Embedded Software Develpoment

The uniqueness of embedded systems is that it relies upon on each hardware and software. They can't work without each other. hardware provides ground-level support for the systems, the software program affords monitoring and manipulate assist to the operator.

nxtGIO, being one of the leading Embedded software development company in India, our team of experts from each software program and hardware work in a collaborative attempt to fulfill the expectations of the system. Being an Embedded software services company, We additionally make sure excellence in product overall performance, sturdiness, dependable, secure, and Customizable for destiny needs. it is our modern technique in the layout and development of embedded software, we strive to minimize value, bring compactness in manufacturing and simplicity in manufacturing solving business needs.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Right from your home to industries to businesses, IoT is impacting the whole thing. Connecting the whole thing to the internet and giving control under the fingertips, Welcome to the brand new generation of technology! internet of things (IoT). Connecting each person and the entirety, the internet of things has began making the arena a higher and smarter place than ever.

we've team of professionals in IoT application development team which provides internet of things products and applications that drive growth. these facilities attention on assisting clients with applications of IoT via clever products, optimization, automation and choice. nxtGIO is a software program and product engineering services company centered on designing, developing and deploying internet of things (IoT) enabled products and solutions for the smart connected world.

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